What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

It’s no secret that the Internet has become increasingly a part of our daily lives. From research to entertainment, computer screens to smart phones- the stream of information is always flowing and finding new ways to reach us. What does this mean for how we take in information, though? Watch to see how taking a few minutes to “unplug” can help to change the way you think, learn, and remember- for the better.

Have No Fear!

As a writer, writing tutor and lover of the written arts, I have had a lot of experience talking to others about their writing experiences.  Through this, I soon came to the realization that not every person in existence love writing as much as I do.  (Shocker! I know..) But there was another realization I came to: many of those people (students, friends, colleagues, etc.) are actually just plain SCARED of writing.

Sounds crazy right?  I mean, I have heard of those advanced phobias/abhorrent hatred of certain typefaces, but I wouldn’t have ever thought that someone would fear writing itself.

But it’s true!  I was given the rationale for this phobia (actually named: Graphophobia) a few years ago.  I was enlightened by a friend of mine who had just received a pretty disturbing grade on a research paper.  She said: “I don’t like writing; it’s the scariest thing one can do because I never know if I’m doing the right thing.  At least in math there’s only one answer and I either get it right or not.”

From this enlightenment, I have had a total epiphany and realized that my friend may not be the only person who feels this way (Okay, done stating the obvious..).  For all of those people who happen to feel the same and attend Pace U, there is something in existence that can help alleviate your fears…..


When I’m not writing entertaining blog posts, writing for The Pace Press or eating food, I tutor at the Writing Center with a group of other awesome people who are here to help one overcome their fears of writing, whether it be a: research paper, essay, reaction, journal entry or analysis paper that is keeping you up at night, we are here to help! (and it’s our pleasure!)

The beauty of this resource is the fact that you will always (at least between the hours of 10am to 2pm during the summer Monday – Thursday; 10am to 6pm during the semester Monday – Thursday and 10am – 2pm Friday and Saturday) have someone who does not control your GPA and who loves writing to voice any concerns about that scary research paper or that terrifying analysis essay to and receive advice from.  Award-winning, free advice!!

[SPOILER ALERT] Through this, one will also most likely learn that those fears and that phobia (the really long word above) are really just unanswered questions and concerns.  As we say in education, the only stupid questions are the one’s that aren’t asked (or something along those lines..).

So stop by the NYC Writing Center! For Summer I and II we are open Monday – Thursday from 10am to 2pm; located on the 2nd floor, Birnbaum Library!  …and don’t be scared: we don’t bite 🙂

Be sure to look out for more blog posts in the future and be sure to follow us online!


Summary of a forum about writing centers and tutoring in Japan and Asia

Here is an interesting summary of a forum that discussed a few writing centers based in Japan. All of the writing centers are relatively new, less than ten years old, and this is a discussion on how the different centers got started and how they operate:



Writing in the News

Jia Guo discusses the writing process in the U.S. News & World Report with his piece “Meet the Challenge of Writing an American Academic Paper.” In the article, he discusses the value of the writing process—and a writing center:

Try reading your paper out loud to yourself or to your American peers. If there is a writing center in your university, don’t waste that resource. Get feedback there.

So, if you need help at any point in the writing process, come visit the writing center!